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Intelligent Drinking

Intelligent assistant in bars, restaurants and other crowd places where you need attention

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i-Drinker Application

i-Drinker App displays specified text with flashing background in full screen. Ideal for bars, cafes, restaurants, railway stations, airports and other public places to attract attention to you. Makes easier a remote order or a voice for help or assistance!

In the bars

Loud music and crowds in the bars and clubs. Want a drink? Type a drink you want or choose one from the favorites. Show the phone scrreen to a barman and enjoy your favorite drink!

In the cafes or restaurants

Need a bill or some attention? i-Drinker easily do this. Choose a noticeable color and raise the phone or put it on a table. Blinking and colorful screen will make you noticed.

Meeting at the stations or airports

Have a meeting elsewhere at a train station or an airport? Write the name (or company) you are meeting with or who you are and your meeting board is ready. The blinking can be switched off if it too noisy and irritating.

Lost in a crowd?

Choose an appointed, distinctive and noticeable color and raise the phone under the peoples' heads. You will be easily spotted


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